Our promise to make Cleaners more accessible

With the increasing demand on today’s working mums & dads, the biggest challenge in the 21st century is keeping a balance between maintaining a clean & tidy home as well as spending quality time with the family.

As a full time working mum myself, I have come to realise that trying to find affordable & reliable cleaning services to allow us to spend time with our family was no easy chore. I even dreamt of booking one off cleaning services for those times when work had been so hectic that I had no energy left to do the house chores. But not a surprise that those one off cleans were even more expensive and such a chore in itself to find, book & arrange for a convenient time.

I dreamt about how great it would be if I could have a pay as you go cleaning service to support me when I needed it, at a time and cost which would be suitable for me. Supported by DBS & Referenced checked staff backed with genuine reviews helping us to see what others are saying before booking a service.

I introduced the 3 fundamental rating system:

Timekeeping  |  Cleanliness  |  Trustworthiness.

Ultimately, I hope our service will help you and your family get the time back to spend more time together and doing the fun things.

N Ramdhay